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Momofuku is a culinary brand established 2004, now with restaurants in New York City, Sydney, Toronto, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Gotham completed the layout, framing, Drywall and taping for this project. We incorporated custom framing and drywall with intricate details.

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Gotham General Carpentry completed the layout, framing, drywall and taping on this project after its relocation. With two bars, an extensive mezzanine, and two spaces for private dining, Union Square Cafe holds 198, as opposed to the 152 it could accommodate on 16th Street, its previous location.

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Gotham General Carpentry performed the tasks of all drywall, framing and taping for the New York City auto showroom project for Genesis. The new 55,000 SF space will occupy three floors with a terrace at the new Solar Carve Tower at 40 Tenth Avenue. The center will include a commercial kitchen with dining and café areas as well as a feature staircase connecting the cellar to the first and second floors. A vehicle lift was installed to transport cars from the cellar to the ground level showroom.

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Mcmahon hall – McMahon Hall is a 320,000 sq ft, 20-story residence building with 24-hour security, study lounges, social lounges, three laundry rooms, and a fitness center. Undergraduate students live in single, double, and triple bedrooms in either two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments. Each apartment is fully furnished, air-conditioned and includes one or two bathrooms, a living/dining room area, and a kitchen. Gotham General Carpentry completed all layout, drywall, framing and taping work for McMahon hall renovation in 2020-21.

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Gotham General Carpentry did all the drywall, framing and taping for the $140 Million expansion of three new floors for The Chapin School, an independent day school located in New York City’s Upper East Side, The three new floors atop the current 8th floor will feature space for a new performing arts center, gymnasium, fitness center, a suspended track, locker rooms, offices for coaches, and a training room. In addition to the state-of-the-art athletic facilities, the new space will include a fenced-in rooftop turf field and playground.

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An area of Gotham General Carpentry’s expertise lies in framing carpentry; this is the specialization of constructing layouts from numerous materials corresponding to the drawings and specifications provided to us. Gotham General Carpentry works with various gauges of steel, lumber, sheet wood and other materials to construct framing according to the specifications of the building and drawings. Metal stud framing has two major components – the stud and the track. For load-bearing walls and for structural applications like exterior walls, heavy gauge metal studs are used.


Gotham General Carpentry drywall installers are trained to install drywall to prepare various surfaces for painting and finishing. Drywalling involves both taping and hanging wallboard. Gotham General Carpentry drywall installers attach drywall to walls and ceilings, and then our tapers prepare the drywall for painting by using tape and multiple coats of spackle to cover cracks, indentations, and any remaining imperfections. Gotham General Carpentry drywall installers are trained to measure according to drawings, review design plans to minimize the number of cuts and waste of wallboard…


Gotham General Carpentry also specializes in ceiling installation which can range from drywall to ACT and grid ceilings, which require separate ceiling tiles to be installed onto a grid. Ceiling tile installers hang ceiling tiles and create suspended ceilings. Tiles may be applied directly to the ceiling, attached to furring strips, or suspended on runners that are connected by wire to the ceiling. Depending on the specifications and requirements of the project, we occasionally install specific tiles and material with acoustic properties. One of the biggest benefits is that the ceiling tiles can be removed without damage…